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Key words: Biodiversity, conservation, ecosystem services . Feedback would be much appreciated conservation of biodiversity. Free Ecology / Environmental Science PPT (Power Point Presentation): Classification, Measurement & Importance of Biodiversity PPT PPT includes links to IUCN redlist and world clock. Agriculture: Its Role in Biodiversity Loss and Ways Forward Colin Chapman What Actions Can be Taken? This 41-slide powerpoint presentation covers 'Option C.4 - Conservation of Biodiversity' in the 2016 IB Biology curriculum. Option C.4 includes two sections: • A - Biodiversity • B - C the introduction of species other than humans can threaten indigigenous species because they provide competition for native species. BIODIVERSITY - DEFINITION The number and variety of plants, animals and other organisms that exist in an ecosystem is known as biodiversity It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems The richness of biodiversity depends on the climatic conditions and area of the region ' Biodiversity is the result of 3.5 billion years of evolution 2 the extent of natures variety or variation within the . Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). In-situ management approaches can either be targeted at populations of selected species (species-centred) or whole ecosystems (ecosystem-based). introductionof non-native and exotic species. biodiversity.ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. Introduction . Each slide includes the specific learning objective as well as key vocabulary that students should note. It also enables the development of a National Biodiversity Frame-work, which will provide for an integrated, coordinated and uni-form approach to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in South Africa. Did you know?? In-situ conservation aims to enable biodiversity to maintain itself within the context of the ecosystem in which it is found. Biodiversity is a comprehensive umbrella term for . Could be used for G&T/extended learning. PowerPoint slide on Wildlife Conservation compiled by Utkarsh Singh. Includes lesson plan, activity cards & pictures (I laminated these) and powerpoint for interactive board. Free Ecology PPT: Threats to Biodiversity: Habitat destruction Deforestation, Invasive species, Genetic pollution, Climate changes, Diseases and Human population To ensure conservation of biodiversity Sustainable use of biodiversity Rational and equitable share of profit to accrue from use of genetic resources. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology EB Lecture 8 2008 Spring Case study Siberian Tiger Siberian Tiger Found Before 20th century Large region Turkey to Russia to Indonesia Lived with by locals After 20th century Small tracks of forest in the far reaches of Russia Number down to a little as 20 Now near 1000 Siberian Tiger What led to the drop in number of this species? jolina leyson habitat destruction. The second convention organized at Johannesburg in 2002 called World Summit On Sustainable Development (WSSD) where the Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystem Management was the issue. destruction of tropical forests is considered the most significant worldwide threat to biodeiversity. The National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act of 2004 provides for the
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