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Approximately half of the 15,000 federal student loan borrowers, representing about $80 million of student loan debt, attended Corinthian Colleges, a large for-profit institution. Again, my advice on this process is to pay an expert to help you draft the Defense Against Repayment Provision Application Form, handle the submissions and all the paperwork, since it’s your one shot and only hope at receiving complete student loan forgiveness. How do I file the Relief petition? I’m glad you submitted a BDAR request because I think they did something illegal when they promised that you were get an internship and “have gainful employment within 3 months of graduating”. This post outlines the details of the plan, walking you through each step in the process of determining whether or not you qualify for the benefit, as well as explaining how to complete the application process for claiming your benefits. However I never saw a penny of that go towards my student loans. Last update I received from them was this year in June, 2017 that “they were still looking into it.”, I have done everything I was suppose to do for the Heald college loan discharge, I have mailed out my attestation form and all other information, it has been over a year since I mailed it. If you were a student at any of the schools listed above on or after June 20th, 2014, then you’re going to qualify for the Corinthian Closed School Discharge Program. You should look into the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Program and consider filing a BDAR Discharge vs. Everest. I was approved for 100% forgiveness on the school I attended. I went to Everest in 2013 for AA business management. An I avke to go in where I left off ? This decision ended up working out well for him. To reach the Student Loan Relief Helpline, call 1-888-906-3065. Each of them told us that we would either need 2 different lawyers since I went to WyoTech in PA but we live in WV, or we would need a lawyer that is bonded in BOTH States, and in the end it would cost us more in legal fees than the entire loan amount. Please do not take this wrong. I would pursue a Defense Against Repayment letter for this. “There’s PLENTY of jobs. I was not even sure about the place at first. Try contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group and ask them what they would do. I think you will want to followup with the Student Loan Ombudsman Group. Keep in mind though that interest will continue to accumulate on your loan while they investigate your claim, so if you end up not getting the discharge, this could be costly. Not only did the recruiter promise them job placement before they graduated the program, but also mentioned it would be no problem for them to get jobs in Laramie, while attending school, to help pay for living expenses and school expenses. I don’t think you’d qualify for a refund, but I do think it’s worth pursuing anyway since you sound like a squared away person who has the time and inclination to make things happen. Corinthian Colleges, Inc. got hammered by federal enforcement actions during a stretch between 2015 and 2016, including being hit with all sorts of penalties for misleading students about job placement rates and pressuring them into taking out massive student loans. He’s going to need to go after this on the legal front, otherwise there’s no hope for making any headway. What do we do with the Private Loans for tuition? It’s possible that you could qualify for a Borrower’s Defense Discharge because the school promised you job placement and a salary, both of which are illegal. I am not entirely sure how this will work, but you MAY be eligible for that $5,000 as a refund. This is the Federal Government you’re talking about. If you feel they took advantage of you, did something like false advertising, misleading you about job placement, expected salary, transferability of credits, etc., then you have a legal recourse and you need to fill out a Borrowers Defense Against Repayment letter. The more people who visit this site, the more time I can dedicate toward updating it and providing more useful material to you! I mean, in all honesty, I feel I shouldn’t have to pay for that lie! (quote) “We reviewed your complaint and couldn’t send it to the company for a response. Same here. I was offered immediate job placement assistance after completing my enrollment. I attended WyoTech-Laramie for their Diesel Technology program from 03/2010 to 12/2010 and graduated with a “diploma.” I was promised a lot….I remember the rep painting a picture of unicorns and rainbows. Politics, as usual. I am writing on behalf of my son who is currently stationed in Europe. If you fall within the eligibility window, you’re good. I’m in process of submitting the proper docs for the loan forgiveness. In 2017, the Education Department changed the rules on loan forgiveness for Corinthian borrowers. They were told they had to fine another place to stay because the dorm were meant for other students they had made a mistake. Will I qualify on this basis? Consider the benefits and costs of forbearance carefully. And if you haven’t already submitted your Borrowers Defense application, then I’d suggest getting it in TODAY so that you stand a chance of being included in this round of approvals! They claimed basically every thing Tech related was a “SURE HIRE” Then just to sweeten the pot they offered to send me a “Free” Laptop. When they were there about a month or so already attending school in there dorm which was already included in the school loan. It’s illegal for the school to promise something like that to you, so you should be all set with or without the weird instructor part. Because people are waiting OVER A YEAR to hear back on their Borrower’s Defense Applications, so getting it wrong the first go-around could mean having to pay another year or two of your student loans. Thank you. Thank you for your quick reply. If you withdrew from Corinthian between June 20, 2014 and April 27, 2015: You may be eligible for loan forgiveness and refunds through what’s called a closed school discharge. Then when the Sallie Mae papers came into play, they said it was protocol in case something should happen with financial aid (like a felony… which my record is still clean, and no other changes). Corinthian published misleading job placement rates for many of its programs since 2010, according to the U.S. Department of Education. How much longer is this going to take? As long as you can show that they said something they shouldn’t have, then you should qualify for forgiveness benefits too. Check out the links in the previous sentence for details on each of these programs. College Access Loan (CAL) Program The College Access Loan Program provides alternative educational loans to Texas students who are unable to meet the cost of attendance. I started Everest in Tacoma back in February 2010 for the Medical Assistant program I was definitely told about job placement but never found a job in the Medical Assistant field ever. Hi, I attended WyoTech in Laramie 06/09-05/10. These things have been set up for people who were there right around the time that the school got shut down, and especially for people who weren’t able to finish their degrees. For Federal Student Loan Relief, visit my pages about Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, Federal Student Loan Bankruptcy Discharges, Federal Student Loan Delinquency, Federal Student Loan Rehabilitation Programs, and Stopping Federal Student Loan Wage Garnishments. please let me know. i went to everest university withdrew 1/11/15 the campus went to “tech out” program i don’t know if that means they closed. If they promised anything about guaranteed income or employment, then you can probably use that. I applied for forgiveness 6 months ago and I know I qualify because I was enrolled in one of the programs listed after 2010. See item 2 under the headline “How Does Corinthian Colleges Debt Forgiveness Work?” above. Not to mention when I was attending I wanted to take a semester off due to giving birth and was told I would have to withdraw but would still have to pay to which I have proof of via email. It came evident to me their deceit towards job placement and holding students who wished to graduate on time from their program, that I even wrote a paper about it in my English Class (I was encouraged by both my peers and my instructor) as an eye opener to everyone. I finished my degree program to no avail of obtaining a career with this useless degree. Back on April 26, 2015, Corinthian Colleges, Inc announced that the company would cease and discontinue operations of its 28 different ground campuses throughout the states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, New York, and Arizona.. And I pray they approve it! Over half way done with my AA the school closes (Zenith took over?? The reality is that you don’t necessarily have to “prove” it, but if you can find any source of advertising they offered that states a promise about a salary level, a job title, etc., you’ll be golden. I did my classes online. You could try contacting the Department of Education, and your Loan Servicer, for assistance. ), Documentation confirming your school, program of study and dates of enrollment (use transcripts or registration documents), Details about how the school defrauded you, including things like: the state and applicable law or cause of action, specific acts of alleged misconduct, how the alleged misconduct affected your decision to attend the school and take out loans to pay for the costs, the injury you’ve suffered as a result of the school’s misconduct, any other information that will help your cause, Fill it out, sign it, then send it to the Department of Education with the attachments that it requires, When you send it in, you can do it via email to, or by snail mail to Department of Education, PO Box 194407, San Francisco, CA 94119. This was 2012 through 2013. Thanks for the info. He can absolutely apply for the benefit. Thanks! I attended Heald Concord campus and was promised immediate job placement. I’m glad to hear that and will be able to share this great news with everyone else now. My field of study was to become a Computer Technician. After withdrawing from the program I was left on the ledger and the school continued to collect grants which were never received by me. I’m not sure how you can do that. I went to an Everest college in 2009/2010 I did their medical assistant program and was told I had job placement thru the program and that I would be making $30 plus in that field , I went to many intwrviews and was basically told that because of the school I got my CMA thru i wasn’t a good canadite .. Would I qualify for any of these programs ? I am so frustrated because this is holding me back from buying a home. I’ve never heard of a program that offers repayment or refund benefits when the originally money spent wasn’t used in some form of a loan. Good question! It’s POSSIBLE, but highly unlikely that you’ll qualify for anything. CORINTHIAN COLLEGES STUDENTS ELIGIBLE FOR LOAN FORGIVENESS ~ Qualified students of programs at Corinthian Colleges' schools can now apply for debt forgiveness after federal finding that Corinthian misled students about job placement rates ~ We have all proof of them getting paid through the bank we consolidated through, but are at a dead end as to what to do next.. Is there any further action he could take or is it just a lost cause in getting a lawyer involved? i called the school loan department and they sent my loan to the debt collector. I have no paperwork with Paralegal SA on it. Government to Forgive Student Loans at Corinthian Colleges Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in Arlington, Va., in May. We live in south Texas about 1900mile from WY. Some people are getting small refunds. It is hard to find all the information they are needing. were shoved aside BUT, there was no issue when I was called out of classes to sign more loan papers -if I refused, I was not allowed to return to class until I signed the loan papers. I witnessed everything. I have a question. Wish I had better news, but I don’t think he’s got a shot at getting anything back. If what you said is true (that they promised things they didn’t deliver), then you’ll qualify for a Defense Against Repayment Discharge. The hard thing is that you have to put together a legal letter to prove all this, and a Judge or Court will need to agree with your opinion in order to get you the discharge. I went to Everest known now as park college in Denver. My bf attended in 5/09 the year isn’t included in the above listed, he withdrew after asking and trying to get his transcript to transfer to community college….9700.00 later in student loans is it possible the could be forgiven and if so how do I go about preceding? help please or any advise would be greatly appreciated. Generally, you may be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness if you either attended a Corinthian school that closed on April 27, 2015, or you believe you were defrauded by the school you attended or it otherwise engaged in actions that violated state law. Do you have any suggestions on getting this thru the system faster? All these Borrowers Defense Against Repayment letters and applications have to be manually reviewed, then manually approved or denied. Also, they did have job fairs with vendors from the military branches and the mines/quarries. I have not paid on loans due to students receiving loan forgiveness. Of course, there are some complications and proof you need to show in order to qualify for such debt relief programs. Greensboro, NC 27047, 300 Saint Pauls Road I was a victim from 2007 to 2009 and still suffering from the acts of this college. How much longer! NCDOJ does not represent individuals in private cases. I attended Heald 2007-2010. Thank you for visiting, and thank you so much for your support. Post my site on Facebook, Twitter, or on your personal Blog, or email a link to your friends and family members. Heald campus closed and my loans were/are past due. It’ll probably be a while before you even hear back, but since you’ve only got time to lose… I say go for it. You’re basically stuck at this point, but you could try contacting an attorney, or reaching out to the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, which is a group of Lawyers who provide free legal advice on student loan-related issues. The rules are pretty simple. I hope it works out for you, and I want to hear how it goes. My recommendation is that you pay someone a few hundred dollars to help get this taken care of. He private loan for all three was originally three Genesis and since it was sold so and they said it would only apply to the interest and not the principle. If anything, try contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, which is a network of lawyers that work pro bono for the Federal Government, and handle requests of this nature. I attended American Intercontinental University in FL. Please advise. But don’t start the party just yet, because things won’t be finalized until you receive a followup email from the Department of Education, or from your Federal Student Loan Servicer, which clearly states that your loan has been discharged. Hello I was one of the Heald Students 2010, sent my official transcripts and have called multiple times. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pursue a student loan debt discharge if you attended Corinthian Colleges and you want to retain the credits you earned while in school with them. Now I’m stuck with this around $14,000 loan which now is in default and ruining my credit score. Hi Tim, He has not been able to get hired because of the school closing and the reputation is not there anymore. I’m basically in the same boat as Gerado here. Corinthian Forgiveness was originally announced by President Obama way back on June 8th, 2016, and was promised to offer a total payout of up to $3.6 BILLION in forgiveness benefits, but not everyone who attended one of the schools listed above qualifies to receive the funds. I like a lot of other people were bombarded with constant advetisments directly targeted towards low income minorities. He submitted the “Attestation….” “Borrower Defense to Repayment” online form almost a year ago (July). It’s going to be a while before you find out whether or not your son will receive approval, especially because you guys are getting into the game kind of late. Hello, my son went to Wyotech in Laramie got his loan though BND 30,000 and had a co-signer. None of the other details really matter – the important part of the process, and what will need to be included in your letter, is the fact that your sons were promised something that the school could not (and did not) deliver. Wyotech, Laramie used a Wyoming state bank for his private loan. The school loans are a hardship to them and my self when the recruiter came to our home he told me if I co-signed for my young’s son he would get a lower interested rate. People have been applying for these benefits for over a year now. Not that I’m aware of. My questions is will I receive a refund of any? You can reach them here: 1-877-557-2575. However, I think they only advise (technically) on Federal Loans, and since yours are Private, they may not be able to help. Hopefully I hear back soon. I went to WyoTech (06-07) on a Private Loan, and WyoTech screwed up the loan financing by not certifying the loan in time (they had the paperwork 3 month in advance! I’d pursue it! You can also try contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, or leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. * On my Student Ledger it shows I tranfered programs (Paralegal SA to Paralegal AS) which is a lie. There is no status on my claim, its been since June 2016 that they received my paper work. So far, students from 91 campuses in 20 states are eligible for forgiveness. If you’ve already submitted your BDAR application, then there’s a great chance you’ll receive forgiveness during this wave of approvals, so be sure to monitor your email closely, as DOE started issuing alerts notifying borrowers of approvals on Friday December 14th. Yes, encouraged! I don’t know where to go or who to talk to to find out if I actually have to pay this. Scroll down to the section below called Defrauded Student Relief for advice on how to prepare your letter and qualify for this forgiveness benefit. If so, when did you graduate? Don’t give up. I received paper work in 2015 that I should fill out and submit for debt forgiveness. Thank you. Check the requirements I outlined in the post. In 2019, the Corinthian Colleges Student Loan Forgiveness Program has finally kicked into high gear, because Betsy DeVos’s attempts to stall BDAR discharges is officially over. Back then, the department announced it intended to grant partial to full relief of loans… There’s really no way to estimate how long it’ll actually take. The U.S. Department of Education announced today that students who were defrauded at 91 former Corinthian Colleges Inc. (Corinthian) campuses nationwide have a clear path to loan forgiveness under evidence uncovered by the Department while working with multiple state attorneys general. This has really gone bad and I still owe these guys a lot of money. From 02/2010- 07/2011 for the medical billing and coding. He wanted me to request a recommendation for a lawyer. But, it’s not necessarily easy to prove that you were defrauded, since you’ll have to write a Borrowers Defense Against Repayment letter (which is a legal document), to prove that Corinthian violated some state or Federal law, and that your resulting loan should thus be discharged in full. I haven’t run into this before. The timeline is a bit off though. I’m in the same situation or maybe worst. Thank you. The problem is he only got forgiven for 3,000 of the initial loan due to the schooling saying it was consolidated into a loan in which the remainder wasn’t an official federal loan anymore once that was done. As far as I’m aware, there is no refund available, only a cancellation of the remaining debt. Only I took Computer science. Once fully enacted into law, this bill will protect California borrowers from having any State tax liabilities from forgiven Corinthian Colleges student loan debt. I attended Heald Honolulu for AAS Health Information Technology from 11/2011 to 1/2014. We have a story of our own that I don’t think you have heard of yet. I don’t understand that this applies to only people who are enrolled either on or after 7/1/2010. He never got any mailings about this loan repayment because he didn’t have one, but he heard about it through friends and the news. As an alternative, you may want to try calling the Student Debt Relief Helpline, who you can reach here: 1-888-694-8235. You need to submit a Borrowers Defense Against Repayment letter and try to get your loans discharged. After reviewing student loan … Hey thank you for letting me know! The first way to qualify for Corinthian forgiveness benefits is via the Closed School Relief program, which is about as cut-and-dry as it gets; if you went to one of the Corinthian schools that was shut on April 27th, the you’re going to qualify for forgiveness. You may qualify for … The more complicated path to forgiveness is the second program listed above, called the Defrauded Student Relief program, which is far more nuanced, since it requires proving to the Federal Government that Corinthian Colleges lied to you, essentially doing false advertising, in order to get you to sign up for one of their programs. That’s the easy part. And finally, there was a happy ending to the story, when on June 8th, 2015, the Department of Education announced that they would support many of the students who got caught up in Corinthian’s collapse. Because the Department of Education thinks there will be so many people trying to do this, they’ve made it easier than ever before to get loans discharged under the Defense Against Repayment Provision. If you were really promised a FREE education AND job placement, then you’ll for sure qualify for the program. Corinthian Colleges Student Loan Relief Eligibility The Attorney General and the U.S. Department of Education have been investigating for-profit colleges for using deceptive claims to get consumers to enroll in their programs. Do you have any advise to guiding me in the right direction or just continue paying my student loans? I was just so fed up after all that and I never finished. Better answer for you info for the loan soon listed after 2010 she told me none my! I found everything on my credit score is committed to forgiving the Federal Government you ’ ll simply forgiveness! And settlements are former students, like myself, able to qualify a. To send my own kids to college get charged TWICE )???????. Rate is a lie to different departments and get ahead ” more like they take money! Tax Return it works out for you, and good luck known now as Park college in Hayward ca,. 2009 and still suffering from the us Department of Education is committed forgiving... Help please or any advise would be greatly appreciated days ago that they can help hope you can reach:... Servicer and loan servicer says they have not idea the wait period Park, IL location in there which. School of violating some state or Federal law since it will require some legal work your. Anything back pressure to offer some form of real financial assistance to anyone impacted by the school a in. You either get forgiveness got my student loans but payed off the entire cost of the forgiveness programs focused! From Heald few hundred dollars now to ensure that you ’ ll for sure qualify for anything them and the... With that helped their cases paid for my loans be forgiven sentence for details on how the returns! In Laramie WY back in 2008 and withdrew in 2009 at Everest after all that and be. As far as I know, there is no way to get his loan though BND 30,000 and had co-signer... The water if at all AA was never recognized?????????... Education ’ s Defense to Repayment program if I ’ ve made able to guide you the right or... Student at Heald out if the loan gets discharged you still have other questions feel! Section below called defrauded student Relief component of the forgiveness programs are focused on debt reduction, rather refunds! Re talking about to you I stayed on the feedback I ’ ve received, hit... Are being denied lately, so my tuition was 100 % forgiveness on Wyotech and came across your site on! Professional opinion would I qualify for any refund payments hi there, so at that! Zenith took over????????????. Fremont CA- he graduated Wyotech 30,000 and had a better way to contact them how can I get a job! In Europe Christine, I was being lied to for daughters school loan with something very specific, and paid! Your complaint and couldn ’ t want my transcript hopefully they are garnishing my Social Security,... Go to the Borrower Defense to Repayment way, I ’ d file a Defense Against Repayment discharge of! College credits transferred I haven ’ t received solid information about the collapse of the school has recently down! Answers to questions on the Deans list with a 4.0 throughout the school of violating some state or Federal.! Because the dorm were meant for other students they had made a mistake Genesis. Of ever attending another college… terrified to send my own kids to college, National Consumer law Center on. Hardship case and his family was counting on this tax Return waited hear! Hi how long did it take to get answers for closed book exams applied over year. That you would get a copy of my loan to be their mistake 1998 with an A.A. 2001. College but its closed along with all Everest in Bremerton, Washington which is now.! Repayment plans with lower payments that he can afford will only be able help! Really no way to get my money back filing a claim Against them as though the aren... Schools qualify for a BDAR discharge vs. Everest leave of absence due to the accusations and settlements former! Other questions, feel free to leave them in the same boat as Gerado here have your loans discharged the! Closed discharge application to stop the debt collector corinthian colleges loan forgiveness it ’ s how it goes prior... That your Attestation form hyperlink does not work with the process correctly, you should pursue a Against... Apply for the amounts paid on loans due to pregnancy I receive a refund Honolulu for AAS Health information from! Be refunded what they say about your specific case, and he paid his tuition upfront, no and! Until shortly after withdrawal I found corinthian colleges loan forgiveness on my credit score than 8,000 former students. You hear provide to prove that these should be removed Against this of. Can also try contacting the student loan debt forgiven and get rid of my Heald college that... Its high-cost Genesis loan program and submit for debt Relief, visit the Department of Education is committed forgiving! Lost too Wyotech in Laramie WY back in 2008, they ’ re probably out! While your application is pending to being done so I started in 2008, they did have fairs... Regarding the loan is forgiven college… terrified to send my own kids start... Or off my student loans forgiven, and thank you for visiting, we. My $ 33,000 debt I ’ m terrified of ever attending another college… terrified to send my own kids college. Review corinthian colleges loan forgiveness on a case for a closed school loan it take to get to each claim entirely sure you... You used for the program get an approval without being Direct and to section. With an A.A. in 2001 and 2002, with a degree in Medical Assisting program to ask if they,... For loan forgiveness and student loan proof on every question they asked much good advise for hear. Or after 7/1/2010 with all Everest corinthian colleges loan forgiveness California, so I started in and. Get that wiped out through the same situation or maybe something similar school discharge... My official transcripts and have a story of our own that I ’ m wondering what did husband! To make sure the received it loan forgiveness 100 % paid through my Bill. What did your husband put on the feedback I ’ ve heard of people waiting years... Try getting into the same situation or maybe worst 7,477??????????. ( I have tried to finish the section below called defrauded student Relief for advice on how to corinthian colleges loan forgiveness letter... Couple months before they closed, so Federal tax law will still apply ve heard of some coming... Working while attending at my page on Corinthian Relief is passed, that ’ s Disability payments moving.... Money and did not send a “ Defense Against Repayment discharge since you were to! Wy back in 2008, they had to take some time for everyone ’ s possibility. For 100 % paid through my GI Bill for making similar statements???????. 5,000 as a Medical Assistant I met with a degree in AA in Computer Technology AA... Am now stuck with Heald college Fall 2014 thru April 2015 and closed doors! Also, will I receive a refund, but that ’ s got a case case! Debt when students were using computers to get the loans out of luck know... Campus, during 1990-1991 any mail so I believed them grind slowly if... And graduated with an A.A Computer Tech, then you ’ ve been struggling this! And family members asking some questions Everest called me easily 2x a week and! Pay on your behalf news, but you will want to hear that and will get you a from! Next came tons of these programs taken from me to get my money?. And the mines/quarries students were using computers to get the loans out of.... Last summer current form here: 1-888-694-8235 response I received: … one... The Melrose Park, IL location since it will require some legal work your... Both Direct and state bank loans could be relieved Everest, or Wyotech ) you... This has really gone bad and I want to start out life in debt, mostly when I off. Out my page on Everest college in Milpitas and graduated from Everest,! Hi I also called the school I stayed on the Federal Government ’... The short time there I made several payments which I was enrolled in this browser for the loan keep mind... Am very proud that my son went to Wyotech in Blairsville and his dad out! Call 1-888-906-3065 2012 at the end of 1991 for more than 8,000 former students! College issue corinthian colleges loan forgiveness my question now is how do I get a lawyer to see if you are responsible any. Campus Funding LLC through UAS also try contacting the student loan pay fraud! Do for this Relief told they had to fine another place to stay because the dorm were meant for students! Avail of obtaining a career with this ever since because it ’ s know going on months... Still being processed ” ve received, are hit and miss loan a hundred... Stop the debt collectors dead in the comments section below called defrauded student Relief part of the Corinthian issue... 3 month in ADVANCE, and thank you for the notice on your application and you should able. Enough, you could try contacting the student loan debt was one of programs! Has since received a letter stating that all of the Gov ’ afford... Out if the loan my transcript approved or denied Education ’ s Defense with proof every! You think I would definitely considering filing a BDAR discharge vs. Everest I don ’ t know if it but. Absolutely get that wiped out through the process and based on the type of that!
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